Business Analytics

The OverDrive team realizes that every client has unique goals and operating environments. Our developers design tools that are fully compatible with today’s social media and industry standard internet marketing venues to provide customers with comprehensive data points that can help drive more effective customer care solutions.

With each customer or potential customer interaction there is an opportunity to collect valuable marketing data. This fact is not lost on those organizations providing or servicing products and services through calling groups.

Data collected from contact center transactions can represent a wealth of knowledge about consumer behavior, target market demographics, industry trends, and customer opinions. Knowing the importance of contact center management in developing and maintaining customer relationships, many companies outsource contact center functions to expert companies like OverDrive. Overdrive handles these transactions professionally, collecting data seamlessly, leveraging CRM software and tools, and conducting business analysis on the data. Business analysis professionals like those on the OverDrive team, assist you by converting the data into meaningful information you can use in your decision-making and planning.

Market Research Survey Creation & Analysis

Research analysts on the team carefully generate surveys intended to solicit substantive data and feedback. These experts are also skilled in interpreting the survey results.

Process Mapping

Six sigma process analysts create blueprints of service activities encountered by customers in order to project a general picture of how the typical customer perceives the company.

Profitability Analysis

Before implementing any solutions, our systems analysts conduct comprehensive return on investment computations for all known scenarios ensuring that companies utilize their budgets in the most efficient manner possible as concerns customer relationship management efforts.

Business Process Change Management

The experts in our business analytics contact center services group provide cradle to grave consulting functions that help organizations like yours implement improved solutions quickly and efficiently. As a result, the organization realizes measurable improvements in customer retention.

We also work in the following areas:

  • Customer satisfaction studies

  • Employee satisfaction studies & assessment

  • Pre & post product launch market analysis

  • Analyzing new market potential

  • Analyzing new product prospects

  • Product tracking and customer interest analysis

  • Consumer purchase behavior analysis

  • Competition analysis

The business systems analysts possess time-tested domain expertise in:

Sales &

Marketing Support

OverDrive provides the support personnel to leverage the efforts of your sales and marketing teams. This has the effect of turning one sales or marketing professional into two or more. Our Clients find that they develop more speed, higher close rates and greater profitability using the leveraging power of OverDrive.

Intake &

Case Tracking

Client intake is key to maintaining a steady stream of clients and is the first significant interaction in the lead development and client qualification process. With OverDrive, your clients and prospects are quickly engaged in a relationship with your company.



Whether you manage a staffing company or an internal recruitment function, we can save you vast amounts of time and money. Our Recruitment teams can assume everything from the sourcing, screening, interviewing, candidate orientation, logistics and debriefing. They can also work in any Resume Tracking System.

Technical & Customer Support

We are one of the nation’s leaders in the field of contact center interaction. We offer a comprehensive array of customer service and technical support services.



We carefully match team members based on skills and personality fit. Your assistants learn your business and becomes an integral part of operations.

Back Office


Our experienced specialists provide greater efficiency and a higher quality of service – and at a much lower cost – that the same activities performed in house.

Our Family Matters

The key to OverDrive’s success has been its ability to recruit and retain top talent over long periods of time. Unlike so many support staffs with high turnover, the turnover of our staff is less than 10% annually, and that is due to family emergencies or illnesses.

Talented people wait in line to be on our teams knowing something of our faith and family-oriented culture, upward opportunities and some of the great clients we serve. Our people are also carefully screened and tested in advance of being assigned to your account. They often have worked on other OverDrive accounts or are known by our senior staff as top performers. This gives us the opportunity to know in advance their capabilities and personal style before putting them into a client engagement.

Discuss the competitive edge we can create for your company.

We recruit known top performing people, work with them closely and place them where they will be the most successful and happiest. This explains the great loyalty our folks have to OverDrive, the lack of turnover in the staff and the longevity of our Client engagements as well.

The business analytics team consists of international experts in business software development, statistics, lean process management, and market research.

This experienced team systematically examines every aspect of the customer’s contact center experience, determines areas of high value to your company and proposes solutions targeted at providing you with choices that will drive greater ROI and profitability. The recommendations made by OverDrive can help drive a better customer experience overall which translates into measurable improvements in customer loyalty and often additional revenue.

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