In the Fall of 2015 a large Litigation Law Firm approached us to see if we could assist them with three significant problems they had been unable to solve.

First, like most organizations, turnover was a problem in all areas from New Client Intake to Case Development to Quality Control. For every five people hired, only 1.5 remained after six months. As a result, the firm was continually recruiting, training and re-hiring staff members. This put a heavy load on their recruiting and training managers, was very expensive and stalled the growth of their business.

Secondly, the firm wished to reduce administrative and general support costs overall. The firm’s staff was three times as expensive as our team.

Situational Analysis

Thirdly, poor accuracy and adherence to firm standards was driving up costs since errors had to be caught by more costly senior staff to preclude problems as these cases were finalized and filed.

OverDrive’s Data Specialist was trained to become the lead Channel Advisor Specialist for the company. A Channel Advisor is a sophisticated e-commerce tool that provided support in assigning SKU codes, adjusting prices, developing product descriptions and managing other data for postings on a host of online shopping sites such as eBay, Amazon, Shopzilla, and

The team also prepared bulk ads, postings, correcting data errors, updating various databases, managing inventory and sales reports. Additionally, they also researched and made corrections to customer data and a variety of customer service functions.

In conclusion, OverDrive provided Boca Bearing Company with strong support and other work for eight years through November 2017 when the project completed. During this period, Boca’s internal staff was able to put more energy toward their core business, striving to improve performance and find solid footing in their market niche, “Ceramic Bearings.”

The OverDrive Solution

“I enjoyed working with Maria Odolfo, my primary Specialist, and the staff of OverDrive very much. Work was performed efficiently with excellent accuracy and great flexibility as our needs often varied. In addition to providing me with a very low-cost alternative, OverDrive allowed my staff and I to concentrate on more of the strategies that would propel our business forward at a faster rate than we would have expected. I highly recommend OverDrive, and their Team of professionals and Boca Bearing Company looks forward to future endeavors with this top firm.”

Jason Flanzbaum, President

Boca Bearing Company is a prominent US-based Import/Export business that supplies a wide variety of bearings for industrial and recreational use including but not limited to, Ceramic, Ceramic Hybrid, Radial, Stainless Steel, and Angular Contact Bearings.

As an industry innovator, Boca Bearing Company is recognized for its thought leadership, creativity and collaborative approach to business relationships, working closely with customers in the fields of Industrial, Medical Device, Food Processing, Fishing and recently added Custom Design Manufacturing.

Boca Bearings, Inc.

In July, Josh called OverDrive Services to see what we could do. In short order, we assigned one experienced Virtual Customer Support and Office Management Specialist who immediately began reducing Josh’s load from his often 20-hour day. Within two months Josh asked us to add another Specialist with complementary skills. The OverDrive team is rapidly assuming most all office tasks with which Josh was contending – and doing so at less than half the cost of in-house resources.

To date, the OverDrive Specialists have assumed these primary duties: Answering incoming calls and closing new orders, filling new and existing customer orders, entering and processing payments, monitoring the inventory and location of containers, managing drivers’ routing and verifying drop-off and pick up locations, checking container routing and status, tracking driver’s movements and container locations via GPS, making new and existing customer outbound calls, handling questions, managing order-related emails and general office management.

The OverDrive Solution

“I just want to give you guys a big thank you! I should have taken this step 12 months ago. The OverDrive Services team is doing an awesome job. Thank you! If you’re thinking you need office, customer service or back office help of any kind, don’t walk – Run to OverDrive Services. I’m so glad I did!”

Josh Belcher, Managing Partner

Austin, Texas

As a result, Josh now has the time and peace of mind to grow the business, manage large key accounts, plan for expansion into other markets and be more competitive.

Grime Time is the leading Dumpster Rental Company in Austin, Texas. Grime Time is an all-inclusive private waste disposal company offering a wide array of dumpsters for rent to both residential and commercial customers in Austin and the surrounding areas. The company also offers manual trash pickup options. The provider of choice, Grime Time provides simple, cost effective solutions that make things easy and hassle free for every application from home building to remodeling to demolition to general trash removal, to name a few.

Grime Time – Industrial Service Provider

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Case Studies

Grime Time is a fast-growing company serving the exploding Austin construction/remodeling market. Without peer in its cost effectiveness, operational excellence and customer service, Grime Time is quickly becoming the household name in the dumpster rental business. To maintain this level of operational and service excellence, the company’s President, Josh Belcher, decided to hand off to our OverDrive Services team several administrative, back office and customer service duties he was doing himself, so the company could continue to grow as quickly.

Situational Analysis

With a rapidly growing product line, market expansion and customer growth happening for Boca Bearing Company; in 2010, the company asked us to help by assuming several administrative and back-office tasks including managing an extensive database of SKUs, developing and expanding a variety of channels, thus allowing their team to focus on serving their customers, better.

Situational Analysis

Large Litigation Law Firm

In the Fall of 2015, we provided a handful of our Support Specialists so the firm could assess the effectiveness and accuracy of our people in the more problematical areas like client intake and qualification. The performance of our team was so much better that by September 2016 we were hired to assist in almost every administrative and legal support area from Intake, New Client Qualification and Enrollment, Research, Data Collection and Confirmation, Case Development, Customer Service, Data Management, Case Submission and QA.

By January 2018 with over 35 Specialists already serving the firm, we were asked to increase the number of intake personnel to help accelerate their growth. We also assumed several back-office functions including collections.

The OverDrive Solution

Due to the use of our Support Specialist, this firm grew their business, reduced labor and administrative expenses by 60%, virtually eliminated turnover (<5%), improved accuracy and substantially increase profitability. After three years, this very happy client continues to grow our team serving and look for additional ways they can use OverDrive.


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