Low Cost and Extremely Low Turnover

OverDrive’s very low cost, coupled with our extremely low turnover, provides our clients with a very real competitive advantage over their competitors whose growth is limited by repeated turnover, re-recruiting and staff training.

Recruiting High Performers

In addition to recruiting known, high performing people, we work hard to place them where they will be most productive and happiest. This explains in part the great loyalty of our team, the lack of staff turnover, and the longevity of our Client engagements.

Culture of Excellence

Talented people wait in line to be on our teams because of our strong, supportive culture that enables job stability, upward mobility, the opportunity to work with great clients. Our people are carefully screened and tested for excellence in advance of being assigned to your account.

Key to Our Success

The key to OverDrive’s success has been its ability to recruit and retain top talent over long periods of time. Unlike so many support staffs with high turnover, the turnover of our staff is less than 10% annually.

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Having a virtual support team is more critical now than ever before.  The pain associated with staff turnover is virtually non-existent when you put your support team into OverDrive. 


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