Tiffany Coleman


Having 40% more time to pursue other things is huge! Thank you OverDrive!

The Coleman Firm

Debt Restructuring and Consolidation

Tiffany Coleman initially contacted us in 2017 for assistance with financial analysis and the preparation of debt restructuring, financial schedules, and related tasks. After a brief consultation, Tiffany realized that a Virtual Assistant from OverDrive Services could help in a much broader range of customer support services as well as administrative and back office support. 

Due to a large influx of new business, and the punishing cost of in-house turnover issues almost all companies have, we were asked to help with back office support as well as the development of debt negotiation and financial consolidation analyses so that Tiffany could have a more normal work-life balance.  

The OverDrive Solution

OverDrive Services provided a full-time Virtual Assistant to handle customer and lender liaison, the preparation schedules and financial models for restructuring customers’ debt, and all customer service and administrative tasks. Out team’s activities now include preparation of answers to lender demands, settlement proposals, restructuring plans, and others. 

The Coleman firm has been able to reduce labor and administrative expenses substantially, eliminate turnover, improve accuracy and increase profitability. The firm considers OverDrive a key, long term ally.

Tiffany Coleman


Having 40% more time to pursue other things is huge! Thank you OverDrive! 

Working with a professional firm that I can trust to take care of any issues and to assist our Virtual Assistant where needed is a real comfort and makes all the difference in the world.

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