Intake & Case Tracking

OverDrive Services tailors its service offering to the needs of your firm. We can identify and handle high-priority cases, develop and process cases, provide Litigation Support and a variety of Paralegal and even Partner-level activities that are not the best use of your most talented people’s time.

We provide Law firms and other Professional Services Firms with highly disciplined Intake Professionals at that first moment when clients reach out for help.

Case Development & Tracking

Case Development is particularly well suited for Law Firms, Credit Repair, and Litigation Support Services Firms. OverDrive Services can tailor a process for your firm that shifts a large percentage of the case development and management from your professionals to our much lower cost, exquisite professional team.



OverDrive can conduct initial screenings and setup meetings with potential clients in a carefully crafted fashion designed to reduce cost, accelerate throughout and bring a high level of organization to an otherwise difficult and often inefficient activity. Performing intake properly can provide your firm with increased revenue, enhanced profitability and a strategic competitive advantage.



A virtual assistant saves you time interviewing and hiring staff. We also save you time by providing full training of your virtual assistant. Once you have a personal assistant, you will be amazed at the amount of time saved just by assigning a few of the more mundane tasks.

Intake, Case Tracking, Litigation Support

One of the major challenges of Law Firms, Litigations Support Organizations, Credit Repair Companies and many other Professional Services Companies is finding and retaining Intake Specialists that graciously determine the relative importance of each call and take the appropriate action every time. Our goal is to convert initial conversations into active, profitable clients.

Client Intake is an essential activity for any Law Firm, Credit Repair Firm or other Professional Services firm. It is the first significant interaction in the lead development and client qualification process, and it is Key to maintaining a steady stream of clients. The initial contact with a client gives the firm a chance to build rapport and screen unwanted clients for any reason. OverDrive Services provides a 24/7 solution to an otherwise burdensome problem.


Augmenting Your Intake

By augmenting your intake with OverDrive Services, your prospective clients immediately engage with your firm and can be drawn through the qualification process and closed into a relationship with your firm quickly – rather than being lost permanently to another firm that is more responsive. The ability to connect in a positive way and gain the confidence of prospective clients represents a Very Real Competitive Advantage for any firm focused on Maintaining Existing Clients and growing its New Clients Base faster and more profitably.

Professionally augmenting or outsourcing this activity allows your professional staff to focus on more strategic, high-value activities than answering the phone at all hours.

We have experience placing virtual support agents across numerous industries and verticals.

It is important to team with a group like OverDrive that understands the special needs of Law Firms and other Professional Services firms. Most often, the typical call center operations are structured to handle only non-complex, high volume traffic. OverDrive, on the other hand, is not a call center and our services are customized to specific requirements of your firm and your professional staff.

Our Family Matters

The key to OverDrive’s success has been its ability to recruit and retain top talent over long periods of time. Unlike so many support staffs with high turnover, the turnover of our staff is less than 10% annually, and that is due to family emergencies or illnesses.

Talented people wait in line to be on our teams knowing something of our faith and family-oriented culture, upward opportunities and some of the great clients we serve. Our people are also carefully screened and tested in advance of being assigned to your account. They often have worked on other OverDrive accounts or are known by our senior staff as top performers. This gives us the opportunity to know in advance their capabilities and personal style before putting them into a client engagement.

Discuss the competitive edge we can create for your company.

We recruit known top performing people, work with them closely and place them where they will be the most successful and happiest. This explains the great loyalty our folks have to OverDrive, the lack of turnover in the staff and the longevity of our Client engagements as well.

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OverDrive Services is the Premier Virtual Assistant Division of the International Sales and Services firm, Sales OverDrive, founded in 1997.

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