Full Time

Highly flexible assistants, great for personal or team support



Dedicated Assistant

Capable of specialized work

Full Time Pro

Dedicated Assistant

168 hours per month



Full time, Dedicated Assistant

Capable of demanding work

Full Time Premium

Management Level Assistant

168 hours per month



Senior Staff

Full Time Backup

Up to 10 hours of overtime included


Plan Inclusions


A dedicated team of support people to assist you and your VA quickly with any issues as well as help you monitor your VA’s performance

Telephony included with the your preferred area code

Real-time performance tracking systems

Work in any time zone

Data security and privacy guarantee

We provide seamless 360° communication with your Virtual Team

Full spectrum human capital recruiting management and associated HR. We handle all HR matters. Eliminating risk.

Option to upgrade, downgrade

Email, Phone & SMS Support

No hidden fees

Social security, healthcare, all expenses included

Continual productivity coaching. We'll manage, train and coach your Virtual Assistant to get started within days.



Yes! In-house staff take time and money to hire, manage, and replace. Turnover can cost as much as 30% of an employee's annual salary due to downtime, knowledge loss, and training costs. Avoid those costs by hiring virtual assistants backed by a reliable team. With a virtual assistant you only pay for the amount of time you need instead of paying a full time employee for less than full time work.

Is it really cheaper to hire a virtual assistant than to hire people in the office?

Increase or decrease your virtual staff to fit your needs at any time.

What if my needs change?

Yes! We are running teams of 5 to 50 people for many of our clients. For large team engagements, contact us to discuss terms and rates.

Can I hire an OverDrive team of multiple people to work on a project?

No! If, for example, you need half of your VA hours dedicated to bookkeeping and the other half dedicated to order management, you only need to sign up for a single plan.

What if I need different types of services, do I need to hire multiple Virtual Assistants?

No! You'll only need to communicate with your primary point of contact who will ensure that the work gets done the right way.

If I need several Virtual Assistants for multiple types of task, do I need to manage multiple people?

Our VAs will accommodate your preferred method of communication. Most of our clients prefer to use email, phone, or conferencing software like Skype.

How do I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?

Yes! We have great staff, and we will find someone that’s perfect for your needs.

Will my virtual assistant be a good fit for me?

We want to match you with the best staff in a way that works best for you. Feel free to call, email, or chat with us about your unique needs.

These plans aren't perfect for me, can you offer a different option?

Let us free up time in your schedule. There is someone on our staff who already has the skills you need. You can start with tasks that need little orientation, freeing you to add more complex tasks over time. Imagine what you could get done with just one extra hour per day.

What if I need help now but don't even have time to train someone?

After you sign up, one of our account managers will reach out to learn more about you and your needs. We will work with you to select a Virtual Assistant that best meets your requirements

Once I buy a plan, will you assign me a Virtual Assistant immediately?

No problem. If for any reason you need a different VA let us know, and we will find you a better fit.

What if I want to switch to a different Virtual Assistant?

There should be a 30-day notice prior to cancellation of the subscription.

This is a monthly recurring subscription. By signing up, you agree to a minimum three-month non-cancellable Initial Term. You also cancel your plan after the Initial Term provided a 30-day advance notice is given.

Can I cancel at any time?