Recruiting Support Services

OverDrive offers its clients a wide array of premium recruiting support at to one third to one half our client’s internal costs. And we staff their efforts with exceptional virtual assistants who comply with your processes, methodologies and client protocols to ensure that we meet and exceed your objectives seamlessly.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art, industry-specific assessment tools to help you achieve your recruiting objectives.

Sourcing, hiring, and on-boarding the right people is difficult and time consuming at best. Whether you manage a staffing company or an internal recruitment function, we can save you a great deal of time and money.

We can apply the assessment methods and tools we’ve found work well, or adapt to your methodology. Providing you with superb support that conserves your resources, time and money is our goal.

Service Offerings

OverDrive can offer you either an end-to-end support solution or ala carte services tailored to your needs, thereby enabling your HR Managers and Recruiters to focus their time on the more strategic things. Our capabilities and services include most aspects of the recruitment process:

  • Creating and Placing the Position Postings – While our clients build and post the position descriptions, we can and track the performance of postings and alert you to variances to attracting your desired candidates.
  • Resume Tracking and Management – We can perform most of the candidate management activities including gathering and screening candidate resumes, live screening interviews, surveying and debriefing candidates and working with your Resume Management System.
  • Passive Candidate Sourcing – We can also assist with the research and phone work to source candidates from the client’s industry and from parallel industries with transferable talent sets.
  • Leveraging Social Media – OverDrive often leverages social media to assist in identifying talented individuals.
  • Resume and Live Screening – OverDrive can screen resumes and perform live screes with or without questionnaires at much lower costs than in-house alternatives.
  • Background Checks, Reference Verification – OverDrive can perform this time-consuming effort and even shorten the process.
  • Candidate Interviews and On-boarding Assistance – OverDrive can reduce your pre-screening and phone interview time, leaving you with the key final interviews and time to work on more strategic things.
  • Testing, and Evaluation – With your coaching, our staff can assist with testing and evaluation.
  • Logistical Support & Travel Arrangements – OverDrive staff can provide full travel planning and logistical assistance to the candidates to be interviewed.
  • Candidate Orientation & Interview Preparation – We can assist with furnishing candidates with the interview materials you select to help prepare the candidate and interviewer.
  • Offer Generation, Follow-up, and Debriefs – OverDrive specialists can deliver offers to the candidates if desired as well as debrief them, relaying feedback and any candidate concerns.

Our Family Matters

The key to OverDrive’s success has been its ability to recruit and retain top talent over long periods of time. Unlike so many support staffs with high turnover, the annual turnover of our staff is less than 10% annually, and that due to family emergencies or illnesses.

Talented people wait in line to be on our teams knowing something of our faith and family-oriented culture, upward opportunities and some of the great clients we serve. Our people are also carefully screened and tested in advance of being assigned to your account. They often have worked on other OverDrive accounts or are known by our senior staff as top performers. This gives us the opportunity to know in advance their capabilities and personal style before putting them into a client engagement.

In addition to recruiting known high performers, we work hard to place them where they will be most productive and happiest. This explains in part the great loyalty our folks have toward OverDrive, the lack of staff turnover and the longevity of our Client engagements.

OverDrive’s very low cost coupled with our extremely low turnover provides our clients with a very real competitive advantage over their competitors whose growth is limited by repeated re-recruiting and training of staff.

Discuss the competitive edge we can create for your company.

So whether you need sourcing and screening or something more, we will provide you with dramatic savings of time and money, as well as superior results.

With experienced HR professionals on our management team, we use best in class methods with a keen and tailored client focus to fully understand your company’s culture and develop the appropriate job description, title, and compensation range. We identify, analyze, and investigate candidates based on position requirements, personality traits, competencies and capabilities.