Technical & Customer Support

OverDrive leverages its experience and best practices to ensure the best possible experience is delivered on a 24/7 basis in B2B, B2C, B2E and Non-Profit environments in most major languages.

We provide specific services and product maintenance that will keep your business functioning well above your expectations. Our global footprint and peerless commitment to client success makes us your partner of choice.

The OverDrive staff ensures that customer experience is superior through advanced tech support IP and methodologies, utilizing the best engineers and technical professionals to solve end-user issues.

We are one of the world’s expert contact center interaction specialists. We offer a comprehensive array of customer service and technical support solutions. In short, we help companies maximize performance with support customized to fit our clients’ business requirements – especially as it relates to the sale and support of your products and services – OverDrive can help keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy.

Support Services Offered

  • We deliver our services in a number of languages across an array of channels.
  • OverDrive coordinates and manages the processes for corrective action as needed and the capture and replication of best practices.
  • We provide customers with top of the line installation and technical and service support for numerous products from hardware, software and networking, support for applications, database management, and most all operating systems and programming environments.
  • We offer rapid, effective support to clients for the installation, operation and maintenance of networks and configuration of firewalls.
  • And equally important to our clients are the non-technical customer support services which cover a variety of activities from general customer support to more specialized areas such as Credit Repair, Billing and Collections, and other areas, several of which are illuminated in other sections here.
  • OverDrive supports a full range of products including office and home automation, hardware, peripherals, software and networking as well as company-specific professional applications.
  • Electronic banking, including point-of-sale terminals and cash register support as well as payment processing.
  • Server and network support covering network scoping, diagnostics, repairs, updates, and more.
  • Telecommunications providing live voice, chat and email contact channels, specialized technologies and more.

We have a skilled staff ready to assist our clients on multiple levels.

Level 1: Solutions to standard problems through proven processes

Level 2: Addressing more complex problems through guidance by telephone, problem resolution by remote control access or onsite repair

Level 3: High level support for atypical and critical cases form simple all the way through break-fix.

Why OverDrive Services

OverDrive is a private, partner-owned 21 year old business. Doing the right things the right way is more important to us than the speed with which we add new clients. We are veterans in customer service and technical support environments and familiar with the technology that customers use. We have handled virtually every kind of technical support interaction for a wide variety of companies of all sizes. We have been ranked consistently very high by our customers as a support partner. This is in large part due to OverDrive’s fine staff, their resourcefulness, the OverDrive IP and our ingenuity in solving complex issues for your customers.

Revenue Generation

All OverDrive teams are trained to uncover cross-sell and up-selling opportunities for consistent and quantifiable revenue generation. We promote management escalation and predictive customer satisfaction modeling. Partnering with us guarantees a boost in all customer relations, business reputation, and positive impacts on revenue.

Our Family Matters

The key to OverDrive’s success has been its ability to recruit and retain top talent. Unlike so many in this field, our turnover is not 300% per year, or 200% or even 5%. It’s 1% annually and that is due to family emergencies or illnesses.

Talented people wait in line to be on our teams. These people are known to us before they are assigned to your account. They often work for 1-6 months on one of our internal projects as we train, coach and mentor them in a variety of areas. This gives us the opportunity to know them and their reliability, capabilities and effectiveness before putting them into a client engagement.

We recruit known top performing people, work with them closely and place them where they will be the most successful and happiest. This explains the great loyalty our folks have to OverDrive, the lack of turnover in the staff and the longevity of our Client engagements as well.

Discuss the competitive edge we can create for your company.

For your company to perform optimally, customer intimacy must be maintained. This is made possible through the careful management and rapid resolution of customer issues.

OverDrive maintains a growing, world class team of technical and non-technical support specialists who provide expert assistance quickly and that are tailored to your customers’ needs for Customer and Technical Support Services.