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Manufacturing company outsourcing virtual assistants
Boca Bearing outsourcing to OverDrive Services

Jason Flanzbaum

OverDrive allowed my staff and I to concentrate on more of the strategies that would propel our business forward


Import & Export Business


Boca Bearing Company is a prominent US-based Import/Export business that supplies a wide variety of bearings for industrial and recreational use including but not limited to, Ceramic, Ceramic Hybrid, Radial, Stainless Steel, and Angular Contact Bearings.

As an industry innovator, Boca Bearing is recognized for its thought leadership, creativity, and collaborative approach to business relationships working closely with customers in the fields of Industrial, Medical Device, Food Processing, Fishing and recently added Custom Design Manufacturing.


Situational Analysis

A rapidly growing product line, market expansion, and customer growth led Boca Bearing Company to ask for our help. OverDrive assumed several administrative and back-office tasks including managing an extensive database of SKUs, developing and expanding their e-commerce outreach, and growing the number and variety of sales channels, allowing their team to focus on developing innovative solutions to better serve their customers.

The OverDrive Solution

Boca's first Virtual Assistant was a data specialist trained to become the lead Channel Advisor specialist for the company. Channel Advisor is a sophisticated e-commerce tool that provides support in assigning SKU codes, adjusting prices, developing product descriptions and managing other data for postings on a host of online shopping sites such as eBay, Amazon, Connexity, and others.

The team also prepared bulk ads and postings, corrected data errors, updated various databases, and managed inventory and sales reports. They additionally researched and made corrections to customer data and performed a variety of customer service functions.

OverDrive Virtual Assistants provided Boca Bearing Company with strong administrative, marketing, and strategic assistance for eight years, allowing Boca’s internal staff to devote more energy and focus to their core business, enabling improved performance that revealed strategic opportunities in their market.

Jason Flanzbaum


OverDrive allowed my staff and I to concentrate on more of the strategies that would propel our business forward at a faster rate than we would have expected. I highly recommend OverDrive and their Team of professionals. Boca Bearing Company looks forward to future endeavors with this top firm.

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