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Josh Belcher


If you’re thinking you need office, customer service or back office help of any kind, don’t walk – Run to OverDrive Services. I’m so glad I did!

Industrial Service Provider


Grime Time is the leading Dumpster Rental Company in Austin, Texas. Grime Time is an all-inclusive private waste disposal company offering a wide array of dumpsters for rent to both residential and commercial customers in Austin and the surrounding areas. The company also offers manual trash pickup options. The provider of choice, Grime Time provides simple, cost effective solutions that make things easy and hassle free for every application from home building to remodeling to demolition to general trash removal, to name a few.

outsourcing, virtual assistant, remote assistant

Situational Analysis

Grime Time is a fast-growing company serving the exploding Austin construction/remodeling market. Without peer in its cost effectiveness, operational excellence and customer service, Grime Time is quickly becoming the household name in the dumpster rental business. To maintain this level of operational and service excellence, the company’s President, Josh Belcher, decided have OverDrive Services provide the talent to handle a number of administrative, back office and customer service duties he was doing himself so the company could continue to grow.

The OverDrive Solution

Josh Belcher called OverDrive Services to see what we could do to reduce his workload. We assigned one experienced Virtual Assistant to take over Customer Support and Office Management. This VA immediately reduced Josh’s load from his often 20-hour day to a more normal schedule. In just two months, Josh asked us to expand the responsibilities of the team and add another VA.  

OverDrive VAs have given Josh the market positioning, time, resources, and peace of mind to grow the business even faster, make acquisitions, do more for key accounts, plan for expansion into other markets, and be more competitive.

Now with 5 VAs, the OverDrive team has assumed all office tasks including

  • answering incoming calls

  • closing new orders

  • filling customer orders

  • entering and processing payments

  • monitoring the inventory and location of containers

  • managing drivers’ routing

  • verifying drop-off and pickup locations

  • checking container routing and status

  • tracking driver’s movements and container locations via GPS

  • making new and existing customer outbound calls

  • handling questions

  • managing order-related emails

  • general office management.

Josh Belcher


I just want to give you guys a big thank you! I should have taken this step 12 months ago. The OverDrive Services team is doing an awesome job. Thank you! If you’re thinking you need office, customer service or back office help of any kind, don’t walk – Run to OverDrive Services. I’m so glad I did!

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