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legal assistant, virtual assistant, remote assistant, outsourcing

CEO, Major Litigation Firm

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the OverDrive Organization. They brought dozens of dedicated legal and back office assistants to help us. We are very proud of the OverDrive team. Your team is a great asset and we appreciate you!

Law Firm


A large Litigation Law Firm approached us to see if we could assist them with three significant problems they had been unable to solve.

legal assistant, outsourcing, virtual assistant, remote assistant
legal assistant, remote assistant, virtual assistant, outsourcing
legal assistant, virtual assistant, remote assistant, outsourcing
legal assistant, virtual assistant, remote assistant, outsourcing

Situational Analysis

Like most organizations, turnover was a problem in all areas from New Client Intake to Case Development to Quality Control. For every five people hired, only 1.5 remained after six months. As a result, the firm was continually recruiting, training and re-hiring staff members. This put a heavy load on their recruiting and training managers, was very expensive and stalled the growth of their business.

Secondly, the firm wished to reduce administrative and general support costs overall. The firm’s staff was three times as expensive as our team.

Thirdly, poor accuracy and adherence to firm standards was driving up costs since errors had to be caught by more costly senior staff to preclude problems as these cases were finalized and filed.

The OverDrive Solution

We provided a handful of our Support Specialists so the firm could assess the effectiveness and accuracy of our people in the more problematical areas like client intake and qualification. The performance of our team was so much better that within a year we were hired to assist in almost every administrative and legal support area from Intake, New Client Qualification and Enrollment, Research, Data Collection and Confirmation, Case Development, Customer Service, Data Management, Case Submission and Quality Assurance.​

Today, OverDrive has over 35 Specialists serving this firm. We were often asked to increase the number of personnel to help accelerate their growth and have assumed intake, discovery, case development and several back-office functions including collections.



Due to the use of our Support Specialist, this firm has grown their business, reduced labor and administrative expenses by 60%, virtually eliminated turnover (<5%), improved accuracy and substantially increased profitability. After seven years, this very happy client continues to grow our team and is always looking for additional ways they can use OverDrive.

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