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OverDrive Is Your Premier Provider of Outsourcing Solutions

OverDrive has no peer in outsourcing world. Experience, high aptitude people, and a superb 25-year track record makes us the top provider for any company.
Our model is scalable and covers most types of support tasks from administrative the most challenging positions.
Virtual Assistance

Our approach is very personalized, carefully matching team members with Clients based on skills and personality fit. All team members learn your business and become integral to your operations.

Advanced Skills

OverDrive’s ability to recruit and deliver highly educated, experienced and often certified and post-grad professionals is a rare and highly valuable capability that is in short supply in the US. Our professionals assume positions of Architects, Engineers, Accountants, Estimators, Project Managers, Marketing and Social Media Specialists, Office and Account Receivable Managers, Legal Assistants and many others.

Customer Care and Client Acquisition

By augmenting your inbound calls and intake with OverDrive, your prospective clients immediately engage with your firm, are drawn through the qualification process, and closed into a relationship with your company in that first encounter rather than being lost permanently to another firm that is more responsive.

Accounting & Back Office

Running a business is full of tedious, critical tasks. This is especially true as it concerns Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Collections. You can have OverDrive do the heavy lifting for you. Our professionals can take care of Accounts Receivable, invoicing, data management and all other accounting activities and administrative activities.

Client and Project Management

OverDrive has developed and managed a wide variety of client projects. Project management and oversight is our wheelhouse. These include construction projects, estimating and bidding, contracting, accounting as well as case management for attorneys, numerous sales and marketing operations and many others.

Sourcing and Recruiting

Sourcing, hiring, and onboarding the right people is difficult and time consuming at best. Whether you manage a staffing company or an internal recruitment function, OverDrive can save you a great deal of time and money.

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