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Dan Steiner



In 2017 OverDrive gave us our top performer tasked with donor-related and back office help for our women’s ministry. The expanded team’s tasks also include encouragement, scheduling medical exams and consultations, fund raising, event management and liaison calls. We are very thankful for the impact the OverDrive team is having on the lives and hearts of young mothers.

PreBorn! - A Not-For-Profit, Pro-Life Organization


Founded in 2007, PreBorn! is a dedicated not-for-profit 501(c)(3) pro-life organization that supports life-affirming pregnancy clinics in their mission to reach and help women choose life when considering an abortion.

This is achieved through offering these women free ultrasounds and support, as well as providing pregnancy clinics with vital grants for state-of-the-art ultrasound machines, evangelism training and additional resources. All services provided to expectant mothers are at no cost.

The leadership of PreBorn! recognizes that a large percentage of women do not wish to terminate an unplanned pregnancy but simply do not see how they can afford to have a baby and some are pressured by family members. PreBorn! Network Pregnancy Centers give these expectant mothers a real choice most have no idea exists with free ultrasounds to meet their baby in live 3D as well as counseling and a myriad of resources not generally available through pregnancy centers. As a result, 80% choose life.

As mentioned, all services provided to expectant mothers within the PreBorn! Pregnancy Network are offered at no cost, emphasizing their commitment to life. Everything that PreBorn! does is motivated by a desire to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared and God glorified.

Mother and Child
Pro-life, non-profit
Pro-life, non-profit
Mother and Baby


Awareness: Getting the word out that there is light at the end of the tunnel and a host of resources available to women at pregnancy centers supported by PreBorn!


Sensitive Conversations: Delicate, compassionate handling of conversations with expectant women about unplanned pregnancies is essential to ensuring women feel supported, understood and loved.


Enhancing Efficiency: In addition to having a dedicated team, PreBorn! wished to enhance efficiency and the team to meet the demands of their mission more effectively, prompting the requirement for additional personalized support to women in need.

The OverDrive Solution

PreBorn! and OverDrive Services joined forces in 2018, assisting with a virtual team member dedicated to making donor calls, expressing gratitude through appreciation calls, coordinating lunches and the provision of essential support to women in need. Extensively trained by PreBorn, the expanding OverDrive team is adept at handling sensitive conversations, providing accurate information and scheduling ultrasounds and support services for pregnant women and their families.

Training: As mentioned, PreBorn! provided extensive training to the OverDrive team members, ensuring they were well-versed in the nuances of making and receiving calls and addressing diverse concerns with empathy and understanding.

Integration with PreBorn’s Systems: Seamlessly integrated into PreBorn’s operations, our virtual team efficiently handles crucial tasks for PreBorn! and arranges counseling sessions, ultrasounds and other services for pregnant women. Our team’s role has proven very helpful in streamlining these processes and enhancing the organization’s workflow efficiency.


Constant Monitoring and Improvement: OverDrive Services continues to support PreBorn! with an expanding team always focused on improvements from user feedback and their evolving needs.


Lives Saved and Hearts Reached: While OverDrive’s net contribution to the ministry is difficult to quantify, PreBorn! has been instrumental in saving 16,840 babies and leading over 3,000 women to Christ since its inception. Glorifying God, leading people to Christ and saving babies have a profound spiritual impact on mothers and their families.

Efficiency: In addition to the duties alluded to, OverDrive team members assist in handling a large number of conversations with abortion-minded women each day, thereby increasing the outreach capability of PreBorn!


Personalized Support: OverDrive assists in coordinating conversations, counseling and ultrasound sessions with PreBorn! staff members who provide personalized support, encouragement and handle individual concerns and fears, thereby helping pregnant women choose life.



The leadership of OverDrive Services and our PreBorn! team members are exceedingly blessed to be serving PreBorn! in helping the ministry advance its mission to glorify God through serving and giving many pregnant women a real choice to choose life, to save many babies and to provide spiritual guidance. We are focused on providing PreBorn! with an expanding team of high aptitude, caring and empathetic team members to serve in this capacity.

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