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Our approach is very personalized, carefully matching our best team members based on skills and personality fit to your specific requirements and culture. OverDrive Virtual Assistants learn your business and can quickly become integral to your operations.

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Invest Your Time Wisely

Use our Virtual Assistants and save time interviewing, hiring and re-hiring in-house staff. We also save you time by providing full training of your virtual assistant. You will be amazed at the amount of time saved just by letting go of some of the more routine tasks.

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Optimize In-House Talent

OverDrive Virtual Assistants enhance the effectiveness of your in-house staff by relieving them of the burdens of routine tasks. Focus your existing team on their strengths, allowing them to be more strategic. Optimize your growth and operations more effectively by turning over more mundane tasks to one of our Virtual Assistants.


An OverDrive Virtual Assistant does the job of several people and comes already trained, so you start saving money immediately. Hiring one of our Virtual Assistants is more cost-effective than hiring and training an in-house assistant and eliminates recruiting, turnover, and HR risk!

Increase Your Productivity

Accomplish your project objectives faster with a Virtual Assistant

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We Select the Right People


Our service model is comprehensive both in terms of its scope and variety of services. Our people are trained in a variety of support tasks including scheduling and travel planning, research, preparing presentations, social media administration, project management, and many other ongoing business support functions.

While other companies place people with you that they happen to have available at the time, OverDrive selects the right people for your project and they are immediately and permanently dedicated to you. Our model offers the highest-value service in the industry at a lower cost than comparable services and for a significant savings over internal resources you might hire with a quality of work that is superior to any we have seen over the last decade whether US-based or otherwise.

Over the years we have developed a large team of people with a wide variety of skills and knowledge of the cultures and language of our Client’s home country and markets. OverDrive invests in professionals that are fluent or native speakers in a number of languages including most of the European and Asian languages.

The OverDrive Services Team of Virtual Assistants is committed and fully dedicated to the Clients they serve. They are supported by a strong supervisory group and a team of managers and specialists from other disciplines on a just-in-time, as-needed basis.

OverDrive is peerless when it comes to providing world class support services of all types, including Virtual Assistant services for you. Many of our Clients first come to us for accounting, administrative support, marketing, or customer service and later have us add support personnel in a variety of other areas.

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